Closing Reception

Thursday 11 May,  12:45 pm – 2:45 pm, Exhibition Hall

This year, the Local Organising Committee has decided to change the traditional format of the closing ceremony on Thursday. Instead of having the wrap up keynotes in one of the auditoria, we thought it might be nicer to say good-bye to all the people you have met during the week in a typical Belgian atmosphere.

Therefore, in place of having an official closing ceremony this year, we invite you on Thursday, from 12.45 pm until 2.45 pm with Belgian beers and Belgian fries served in the Exhibition Hall.

The sessions highlights will be published in the Globe so you can read them with full attention after the meeting. During this farewell lunch, the awards will be presented on a podium in the centre of the Exhibition Hall.

We hope you will enjoy this new concept and will cotton to the Belgian vibe!